PYI, proizvodnja in prodaja 3d tiskalnikov
PYI, proizvodnja in prodaja 3d tiskalnikov
PYI, proizvodnja in prodaja 3d tiskalnikov 0 05 0

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Aljaž Šegula (+)

Dolnja Počehova 13d, Pesnica pri Mariboru 2211, Slovenija

070 207 990

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PYI is a company that produces 3D Printers. PYI printers are build of highest quality materials, easy to use and affordable for everyone.

We are active followers on 3D printing for over 4 years. After monitoring news, reading comparisons, testing different models, we really couldn’t decide which 3D printer could be the most appropriate one to buy for an everyday use as well as professional.

Whilst there are many advantages and disadvantages of every single model, we realised that many of them were not good for the price point they were selling. We developed NEPTUNE model which is the best you can get for the money you pay.



Neptune is the 3D printer that allows you to print on a big scale without making a big dent in your budget. It’s easy to use at home but also has huge potential for advanced professional use. Neptune is the versatile and affordable way to print your imagination.


  • Size

Build Volume
300*300*300 mm
Neptune Dimensions
500*500*500 mm


  • Resolution

50 Micron
800 Micron


  • Speed

Max travel speed
250 mm/s
Max print speed
150 mm/s


  • Materials

Max temperature
Print materials
Pla, Abs, nylon, flex


Auto leveling

Neptune includes a deployable end-stop for platform leveling. Before printing, it automatically measures height at 9 points providing consistent first layer height even on an uneven print platform.


Aluminum frame

The aluminium structure ensures that the printer is light weight but still strong and stable.



The printer is equipped with a “gripPYItruder”, a Bowden style extruder made for 1.75mm filament, ensuring consistent grip with adjustable tension. Ideal even for use with flexible filaments.



A hotend that can reach temperatures of up to 300°C allows you to print a wide range of materials. With the dual head upgrade Neptune can print either two colors or two materials in single print.


Changeable nozzles

Changeable nozzles from 0.4mm up to 1mm wide (all included with every Neptune) allow for both high-quality detailed prints or for stronger, less detailed prints at a quicker speed.


Linear rail motion

The linear rail motion system, like those used in high end CNC machines,achieves precise and smooth printing. We use them on all three axes – X,Y,Z.


Heated bed

Prevent warping with a heated bed that can reach temperatures of up to 120°C. Print onto borosilicate glass ensuring excellent adhesion and easy removal or select your own alternative adhesion materials.


Cura software

This easy to use, Open Source program was specially modified for Neptune.It comes pre-loaded with the material and speed settings you need to get started.


LCD display

The LCD display and simple dial give you full control of the printer without need for a computer. Store and print projects directly from an SD card.


LED lights

The LED lights allow you to see your whole project clearly, allowing you the attention to detail you desire.



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  • PYI, proizvodnja in prodaja 3d tiskalnikov, Aljaž Šegula s.p.
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